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497-H TRITON Rescue Harness
497-H TRITON Rescue Harness

497-H TRITON Rescue Harness

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The TRITON is LSC’s second generation helicopter hoistable rescue harness with dual recovery capability. It is standard equipment for the USCG Aviation Rescue Swimmers and Canadian SAR Techs. Building on the foundation and comfort of the TRI-SAR, the TRITON offers numerous enhancements. Several equipment pockets improve improved weight distribution and comfort. Quick release buckles on the leg straps allow for easier donning and doffing of the harness, and a chest strap allows for better fit adjustment. The available integrating low profile flotation vest provides variable buoyancy up to 35 lbs with reduced bulk. The recovery hook is an LSC Talon II safety hook with swivel and locking gate. All components and materials are corrosion resistant for the marine environment.All TRITON (497-H) Harnesses manufactured after June 1st, 2017 are FAA Approved under TSO C167

Need Flotation?

The TRITON (or TRITON II MOLLE) Flotation Vests (497-VOT or 490-VOT) can be integrated onto any TRITON series harness creating an FAA approved flotation vest under TSO-C13G.  See product pages for details

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