1. BOGERT (Universal Tow Bar) BIG BOGI | MPN: 04M-BBU
BOGERT (Universal Tow Bar) BIG BOGI | MPN: 04M-BBU
Model Number: 04M-BBU

BOGERT (Universal Tow Bar) BIG BOGI | MPN: 04M-BBU

Part Number: HHC-1872
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Heavy Duty Universal Airplane Tow Bar for your Airplane. Will fit most airplanes with storageable feet on Tow Bar. Can be used to hook up to Car, Tugs, Trucks and do it yourself tugs.

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The BBU is unique because it can attach to virtually any aircraft. It has interchangeable “Feet” that can be matched to any aircraft. Each of the “Feet” typically adapts to several models or series of aircraft and several sizes can be carried right on the tow bar. This is perfect for FBO’s that deal with a variety of aircraft or aircraft owners that have more than one plane or shared hangars. “Interchangeable feet sold in pairs, each pair sold separately”.

Please reference chart above for applicable foot for aircraft.


  • Keeps things simple! One tow bar works on all of your aircraft.
  • Saves you money, you don’t need multiple tow bars.
  • Protects the aircraft- have the right size to fit the aircraft tow points.


  • No tools required to substitute “Feet”
  • Universal Tow Bar carries up to 4 sets of “Feet” at all times.
  • Adjustable length makes it easy to hook up to a tug, golf cart, or ATV
  • Spring loaded plunger automatically locks the tow bar at the desired length.
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Red Powder Coated Finish.
  • Made in the USA


Receiver type

  • Ring or Clevis (Included)

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