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CME - Custom Molded Ear Tips Complete Kit
CME Kit, Cable, and CME Tips

CME - Custom Molded Ear Tips Complete Kit

Part Number: HHC-703
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**This kit does not come with the helmet interface. This Westone Kit is complete with all Westone products. If you no not have the interface already installed in your helmet you would need to purchase that separately - Part # AV414. Any questions please call.
CONSUMER WARNING:  Aviation Survival.Com and Helicopter Helmet.Com  are the only Authorized Dealers for the Westone CME.  Be aware of copies being offered by a company based in New York .  Your hearing is not a game, so only trust dealers authorized by Westone for this Product.

Order Procedure:  When ordering your CME Kit, you will need to the following.

1.  Visit your local Hearing aid or Audiologist provider, and have a set of DEEP EAR MOLDS made and send to Helicopter Helmet, LLC at

Helicopter Helmet, LLC
274 West Drive
Melbourne, FL 32904

2.  Select the color of ear molds you like.  You can make solid or combine two colors into a Swirl Look.  Select solid or Swirl.

3.  Engravement is no charge,  You can add name, text or numbers not to exceed 7 digits.

4.  It takes about four to six weeks once we receive your molds to arrive back to us.  Westone Corporation is the manufacturer of the ear piece.
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ACCES® (Attenuating Custom Communications Earpiece System) products are unique in the world and are currently made exclusively by Westone. Westone Laboratories partnered with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to research, design, build and test communications earplugs with the goal of improving hearing protection and communications for military pilots and ground crews.

The primary benefit of ACCES® is it offers greatly improved speech intelligibility in noisy environments. Military aviation personnel are exposed to hazardous acoustic noise that degrades hearing and communications. The F-22, and legacy Air Force and Navy fighter aircraft, generate up to 150 decibels. Current hearing protection is inadequate. Personnel wearing current protection are often overexposed in seconds or minutes.

By integrating specialized electronics into custom-molded earpieces, ACCES® allows wearers to experience clear audio communications while protecting their ears from damaging noise common in aerospace environments. ACCES® provides an average of 30 dB noise reduction, while allowing clear communication in high-noise environments. Designed to interface with sophisticated communications systems, ACCES® earpieces provide the highest performance and most repeatable fit and seal of any hearing protection device. ACCES® has been approved as safe-to-fly in Air Force fighter, bomber, helicopter, and cargo aircraft
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What is ACCES?
ACCES stands for Attenuating Custom Communications Earpiece System. It is a modular system consisting of custom-molded earpieces combined with a communications cord with specialized electronics to deliver clear communications while protecting the ear from damaging noise levels. The primary benefit of ACCES is it offers greatly improved speech intelligibility.

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