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Chameleon Rescue Harness
Chameleon Rescue Harness

Chameleon Rescue Harness

Part Number: HHC-1074
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FAA TSO-C167 APPROVED  The Chameleon Tactical Rescue Harness is designed with multi-mission forces in mind. A universal harness that can be easily modified in the field for changing mission requirements. It features a class III full body harness rated at 2,900 lbs. Major assembly outer materials are fire retardant treated, providing added capability in harsh/hazardous situations. The system has four tether points; two front and two back providing excellent flexibility for changing mission requirements. Waist belt assembly provides ample room for mounting a variety of holster and pocket configurations (MOLLE compatible).

The Chameleon can also be equipped with TFSS-5326 flotation, along with other various options.


MED fits waist 30 to 36 inches Maximum Height 74 inches

LG fits waist 34-40 inches Maximum Height 76 inches

XLG fits waist 38-46 inches Maximum Height 78 inches

PN: AMTC-H1037-BL/M  or L or XL

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