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Comet Smoke Signal
Comet Smoke Signal

Comet Smoke Signal

Part Number: HHC-1209
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PART# 45-9192000

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Product Description

Designed for day distress signal situations by providing effective position marking and to indicate wind direction during rescue operations, this SOLAS smoke signal makes three minutes of clearly visible orange smoke. Safe for use on oil- or gas-covered water, it is easy to ignite with a pull-wire ignitor with a two-second delay.

  • Signal Type: Orange smoke
  • Burn Time: Three minutes minimum
  • Deployment Method: Pull wire ignitor
  • Type Approval: USCG, SOLAS-compliant, IMO resolutions MED
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 3 5/16"dia.
  • How Sold: Individually

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