Customizing Your Helicopter Helmet

Whenever it comes down to helicopter helmet customization, there are lots of options to enhance yours.  

If you're a pilot looking to enhance your flying experience by personalizing your current gear, there are many ways of doing so! 

Whether upgrading the comfort levels or ensuring everything is within easy reach and adjustable on the fly, you're in good hands with AVI Helicopter Helmet. 

We are a one-stop shop for all things related to your helmet. There's no reason to go elsewhere as we carry quality named parts and products.  

Getting the Right Fit 

Let's start with the helmet itself. Is your current one showing signs of wear and tear? 

If so, it's time to start thinking about a replacement. But before you go off and buy a random one online, there are a few things to consider. 

The most crucial factor for finding a helmet that will fit perfectly is getting your head circumference measured appropriately. 

Once you know your measurement, matching it with a specific helmet size is relatively easy.  

Helmets not only come in a variety of sizes but color options as well. From Power  Red to Metallic Blue Pearl, you'll want to represent yourself with a color that defines you.  

Helicopter Helmet Customization

For helicopter pilots who are looking for a way to customize their helmets, there's no easier or more stylish choice than selecting a design that fits their tastes.  

Designs easily add more personality to any helicopter pilot's helmet.  

Whether you're looking for eye-catching graphics or a classic look, choosing a design for your helicopter helmet customization can be an easy way to make sure your helmet makes a statement. 

Safety Features

Customizing your helicopter helmet with safety features like side protection and visors can decrease risk factors while enhancing safety levels. 

Side protection shields the head from debris that may be encountered in low visibility environments and during helicopter take-off as well as landings. 

Visors improve visibility and protect the eyes from wind and dust particles.  

Both of these features can add a level of comfort to the pilot's overall experience. 

Communication Cords

As a pilot, you understand the importance of communication. All pilots are responsible for communication between themselves, ground control, and their passengers.  

Whenever a comm wire becomes damaged, that communication hinders the safety of those onboard.  

Luckily, you can customize your helmet with new communication cords.  

Helicopter helmet customization helps to enhance and increase communications between all parties.  

Soft Skins

Soft skins can keep your ears safe and comfortable while in flight. No more will you have to dread flying in cold climates that affect your extremities.  

Whenever it comes down to helicopter helmet customization, adding ear coverings and other modifications will make your helmet safer.  

Soft skins are a great way to customize your helicopter helmet and are self-wicking for warmer climates.  

Visors and Lenses  

One of the easiest ways to add to helicopter helmet customization is to add durable and quality-like lenses and visors

The purpose of lenses and visors is to help protect the eyes from debris and strain, as well as the sun.  

Glare is something that no pilot is fond of and could hinder operations. 

The following are the types of lenses and visors AVI Helicopter Helmet offers: 

Helmet Liners 

Helicopter helmet customization can even be had with helmet liners.  

Liners add an extra layer of protection between the hamlet and your head while adding to the overall comfort.  

Protective liners also prevent fatigue and hotspots.  

They come in a variety of thicknesses so that you can have additional layers of protection.  

The Role Your Helmet Plays 

Helmets are an essential part of a pilot's outfit.  

They serve to not only protect what's inside of them but offer better ways to communicate with others and reduce glare from the sun.  

With so many options for helicopter helmet customizations, it's no wonder why pilots turn to AVI Helicopter Helmet for their needs.  

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