EVO 152 and 252 have completed the certification process under the NEW DOI Helmet standards.
The EVO 152 and 252 have passed all DOI requirements to be an approved helmet under the new US Department of Interior's Helmet Standards.  The process was started in May of this year (2019) with Attenuation, design approval, and Impact tests which now include side impacts.  Approval certificates will posted by the end of the year.

The EVO XPH and 052 are next in line for the Impact testing which will finalize the requirements to be certified under DOI.  These tests will take place in January 2020 as the holidays delayed the testing of the XPH until after the new year.  Currently (December 2019) the EVO HPH, 152 and 252 are the only helmets so far to meet the standards.  Gentex's SPH-4B, SPH-5, 84P and 56P are grandfathered in as military approved helmets and are not required to be tested under the new standard.