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EVO 252 with Carbon Fiber Visor Cover
EVO 252 Non NVG

EVO 252 with Carbon Fiber Visor Cover

Part Number: HHC-1081
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Dual Visor Helmet

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The EVO 252 can withstand many conditions pilots may encounter during their flight. This Helicopter Helmet provides many unique features for pilots. Helmet sizes are available from 22.4 to 25.2 and offer many customization options. If you don’t know your helmet size, we have a chart on our website that’s simple to use. Along with our sizes, we have many paint colors. You also have the option to customize your visor. We offer color visors that can match the paint color, or they can be standard black. Not only that, but we can configure the inside and outside of your lenses. The impedance choices available are Civilian 300 OHM and Military 5/19 OHM.  To assist in mounting your cables, you can choose the 6” Pigtail or the Hard Wired Bose.

At Helicopter Helmets, we understand how hard it may be to hear while in a helicopter. You can add extra hearing protection for your needs and comfort. Additional options include: 

  • NVG Carbon Fiber Adapter with Universal Quick Release

  • SkullCap

  • Flex Boom

  • Volume Control

  • Dual Impedance Kit

Please be sure to check out our other helicopter flight gear while you’re here. We offer products we know our customers will love. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us from the “Contact Us” link.

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