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HELICOPTER HELMET.COM is the leader in Helmet Repairs and modifications. We offer everything from minor repairs to major overhauls including repainting and improvement modification kits. We offer fast turnaround times without additional cost.

We can repair or replace electronic communication systems, add NVG mounts, replace/upgrade visors, resize for a different user, replace broken or damaged parts and much more.

A well-fitting, fully functional helmet is critical for every pilot and crew member. Keep your helmet in top condition and extend its life.

To find out more about Helicopter Helmet's Helmet Reset Services, contact our Repair Shop

Helicopter Helmet LLC and its employees are not associated with Gentex Corporation or any of its distributors and do not represent themselves as a GENTEX Factory Authorized Repair Center.  Helicopter Helmet LLC does not use Gentex factory parts in the repair of your helmet and uses only Manufactured Parts from Evolution Helmets, Parts Manufactured by HHC and commercially available parts that Helicopter Helmet LLC believes are compatible from companies such as David Clark, Acousticom, Astrocom, etc.
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