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Helicopter Helmet Store
Our Helicopter Helmet Store is a Worldwide distributor of the EVO Helicopter Helmet 
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Helicopter Helmet is a one stop shop for Aviation Helmets, EVO helicopter helmets and Ground Support equipment.  We offer 5 different versions of helmets such as the Evolution series Flight helmets, the lightweight EVO 052, the 152 and the 252.  The EVO 052 is a single lenses helmet with the lenses being internal for a low profile helmet.  The EVO 152 is perfect for the Pilot or Crew member that wants a lightweight helmet but still needing a visor cover for NVG operations.  The 152 is also a single lenses version but the lenses is mounted on the outside of the shell.  Pilots and crew who wear large frame prescription glasses are recommended the 152. 

Pilots and crew members can also opt for the 252.  This helmet offers both internal and external lenses and is by far the most popular helmet sold.  We also offer the Legacy HPH.  This helmet design goes back 30 years and is made by several companies and sold as the SPH-5 by Gentex and their distributors.  Our version is an improved designed with many upgrades and accessories generally not offered by other companies.  All our legacy HPH helmets are made with all new parts, not surplus parts as is the case with other companies.  In addition, we are the only company that offers the BOSE A20 and Lightspeed install kit for the SPH-5.

Currently Lightspeed offers the Helmet Mod kit which we developed with Lightspeed but we are the only company that has the install kit for the HPH and SPH-5.  If your looking for the proper way to install this kit.

For great customer service and speedy delivery, look no further. Call us if you have any questions about our helicopter helmet store.
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