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Complete kit for creating a Landing Zone for Helicopters.  Perfect for fire departments and First Reponders who need to set up a LZ (Landing Zone) for an emergency air life by EMS.  These kits consist of 6 light PUKS, that contain 21 bright LED's.  Blue Case with Yellow / White light that can be programmed for up to 9 different light sequence.

Kit consist of carry case and six light PUKS.  The light are rechargeable with a 12 volt auto adapter or lighter plug included.  Case has indicators that charge up each individual light, and will indicate if one or more units are low.  Kit is easy to stow away and light enought for fast deplayment in the field.  Each PUK has a magnetic backing so you can place anywhere on the ground or on a vehicle.

Unit can also be used for traffic control.  Each PUK can be lit with a solid light program or flashing light, and set up as markers on the road.  Heavy plastic contruction, can withstand being run over or dropped.

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