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MSA / CGF Gallet Helmet Repair Work Sheet
MSA Repair Sheet

MSA / CGF Gallet Helmet Repair Work Sheet

Part Number:HHC-960
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MSA & CGF Gallet Work sheet for repair.  Please Check the boxes for an estimate of the repair your helmet requires and use this as a guide to what your cost would be.  Select Options for the repair List, then Repair form to send in your helmet.

Helicopter Helmet.com has an extensive and complete repair facility and we stock parts for a first class repair and or rebuild of your MSA or CGF Gallet helmet.  HHC Stocks more parts than any "MSA Distributor" and can offer a fast turn around.

Legal disclosure:  Helicopter Helmet.Com in not associated with MSA/CGF and does not represent themselves as a Factory Authorized Repair Center.

Choose Options and Quantity

Helmet Model
Repair Type?
Complete Refurbishment [+$150.00]
Repair Only [+$75.00]
Repaint Helmet
Replace Outer Lenses
Grey [+$180.00]
Clear [+$180.00]
Yellow [+$180.00]
Substitute with EVO lenses
EVO - Grey [+$145.00]
EVO - Clear [+$145.00]
EVO - Yellow [+$145.00]
Replace Inner Lenses
Grey [+$150.00]
Clear [+$150.00]
Yellow [+$150.00]
Substitute with EVO lenses
EVO - Grey [+$99.00]
EVO - Clear [+$99.00]
EVO - Yellow [+$99.00]
Replace Edge Roll
Replace Nape Pad
Yes [+$35.00]
Replace Ear Cups
Plastic Ear Cups - Standard [+$60.00]
Plastic ear cups w/soft seal [+$120.00]
Hush Kit Combo [+$99.00]
Replace Main Comm Cord
Main Cord - Coiled, No Volume [+$110.00]
Main Cord, Coiled - With Volume [+$160.00]
"EVO" Quick Disconnect System [+$225.00]
Replace Microphone
Electret - Acousticom [+$85.00]
Electret - David Clark [+$110.00]
Dynamic - M-87 / 5 OHM [+$57.00]
Dynamic - M-87 / 150 OHM
Replace Mic Boom
Metal Rail Boom [+$22.00]
1/2 Flex Rail [+$65.00]
Replace Mic Cover
Standard Mic Cover [+$7.00]
OA High Wind Cover [+$14.00]
Replace Visor Cover
Carbon Fiber - NVG [+$300.00]
Carbon Fiber - Non NVG [+$280.00]
New "EVO" Carbon Cover [+$325.00]
Replace Helmet Comfort Liner
Boxell - 1/4 Liner [+$85.00]
Boxell - 3/8 Liner [+$85.00]
Boxell - 1/2 Liner [+$85.00]
Boxell - 5/8 Liner [+$85.00]
Replace Chin Strap
MSA Plastic Chin Strap [+$45.00]
Heavy Duty Chin Strap by HHC [+$145.00]
EVO Magnetic Chin Strap [+$175.00]
Install CEP/CME interface [+$85.00]
Include CME - Complete Kit [+$399.00]
Include CEP - Complete Kit [+$199.00]

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