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Law Enforcement Gear
Browse our selection of law enforcement gear and military equipment.
Helicopter Helmet, LLC is a distributor for the several Rescue-Military items and we export around our law enforcement gear and military equipment the globe.  We offer Flight Suits from several Manufacturers including Propper and Evolution.  Clothing from Propper and 511, Flight Boots from Belleville, Merrell, Propper and 511.  Pelican Cases, to include flashlight, cases and lighting kits.

We are also a one-stop shop for military survival gear and first aid kits.  We represent North American Rescue, Capewell Aerial, Mustang Survival, Switlik, Winslow, and EAM.

You can also find a large selection of PASGT Helmets from Armour Source, and we also carry plate carriers, ballistic vests and a full range of rescue harnesses, personal restraints, Landing Zone Kits and Pilot personal equipment.

While many of our items are not listed on the site, call us or send us an RFQ and we supply the equipment you need to get the mission done.

Contact Ron Abbott for the Military or Law Enforcement equipment for sale.
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