Helicopter Helmet, LLC  (Located in Melbourne, Florida) is a worldwide distributor for the EVO Helmet. Our company proudly sells New Helmets and is an authorized dealer and leader in helmet repairs and modifications. Our technicians here at Helicopter Helmet have extensive knowledge in the field and of all our products and can help guide you in the right direction . Our team is professionally trained in repairing and refurbishing all makes and models of Flight Helmets. These models include but are not limited to the Gentex Helmets, MSA Gallet Helmets, EVO Helmets, Alpha Helmets, and HPH Helmets. On site is an in-house paint shop, a communications cord manufacturing facility, machine shop, sewing store and a complete ALSE section. This allows our technicians to properly repair, modify, fully refurbish and replace any broken or damaged parts to restore your helmet back to full functionality. Our team will service new or old flight helmets and helicopter helmets but the costs will vary from helmet to helmet based on its condition. 
At Helicopter Helmet, our staff takes a personal interest in helping each and every person with their questions and orders. When it comes to purchasing our products, suit orders or helmet services; Our company will go above and beyond any other competitor with customer service and Price. Shop our wide selection of products that includes top brands such as WINSLOW, SWITLIK, and REVERE for survival gear. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any information, do not hesitate to visit our store or call our office to speak to one of our staff here at Helicopter Helmet. It will be our pleasure to work with you and provide you with excellent service. 

Frequently Asked Questions : Q & A 

Q. - What are some things to consider before buying a Helmet
A.  - Some companies right out lie about their helmets or components and make a lot of claims that are just not true.  If someone claims that parts or helmets are MIL-SPEC or TSO, please make sure to request verification and/or testing results to confirm those statements.

Q. - How often should an Aviation Helmet be inspected?  
A.  To further avoid debris buildup and damage from wear and tear based on one's own environment and use of equipment; We recommend having your aviation helmet inspected and repaired once a year. 

Q.How fast can a Refurb on a Helmet take?  
A. -  Refurb with paint for example, can take up to 3 weeks. Most other services takes around a week and a half. 

Q. - Is there a Bose Warranty?  
A. -  There is an in-house limited warranty 3 years.

Q. -  What services do we offer at Our Repair Shop to keep your Helmet in top condition?  
A. -  Services we offer include the following : Helmet repainting, Outer lens replacement, Inner lens replacement, Nape pad replacement, Ear cup replacement, Main communication cord replacement, Microphone replacement, Mic boom replacement, Mic cover replacement, Visor cover replacement, Helmet comfort liner replacement, Chinstrap replacement, CEP/CME installation, Install battery pack holder, Install dual impedance system, Replace Helmet shell (includes paint), Replace screws, Replace edge roll, Inner padding replacement, Maxillo face shield, Impact liner replacement, Chaffing pad replacement and More!

Q. - What should a person do in order to get a Refurb on their Helmet?  
A. -  Our facility provides each and every customer with a thorough repair work sheet to be filled out and completed prior to service. Our company uses the work sheet for repair to ensure that the model-specific to each customer will receive the appropriate care to maintain performance. The technicians at our facility are professionally trained and will be happy to answer any questions and help you throughout the process. Repairs can also be handled on a walk-in basis.

Helmet Repair Worksheet 

Click the Link Below :  
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* Repair Form - Once completed, filled out, and printed; We ask that you send us the form with your helmet to our facility. Our office address is listed below : 

Helicopter Helmet, LLC  
274 West Drive
Melbourne, Fl. 32904
*Please feel free to stop by, visit our facility and personally drop off your form and helmet . All we ask is for you to call ahead. Our office number is listed below: 
 Office Phone Number : (321) 821- 4724 




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