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SEE/RESCUE STREAMER - SAR - 11 CLRR Lighted Large Version

Part Number: HHC-1220
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Bright orange streamer that can be seen over a mile away and provides a continuous high visibility signal on land or in water. The 40' RescueStreamer® works when all else fails.

RescueStreamer® Distress Signal Streamer are now approved for use and procurement for all branches of the U.S. Military & U.S. Coast Guard. NASA is equipping their T38 Ejection Seats with the SEE/RESCUE® SAR Technology

Our bright orange streamers, visible 1.3 miles away at 1,500 feet altitude, lead airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel right to you.

Patented high-strength polyethylene streamers, marked with the international distress symbol, stay afloat and require no electronics, batteries, toxic chemicals or dyes to function continuously. Deploy your streamer in seconds on land, water or snow.

The unique signal that provides:
  • Water, land, and snow environment applications
  • Deploys in seconds!
  • No need for batteries, chemicals or electronics
  • A LARGE everlasting signal
  • Very compact, light weight
  • Reduction in SAR search time and costs

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