What are the different parts that make up a helicopter helmet? This is a question that we often get from our customers. We will outline all of the different parts found in a helicopter helmet. If you require a replacement part or need your helmet repaired, our team at Helicopter Helmet can help you out. We have an extensive inventory of helmet parts and accessories; rest assured that we have what you need. Helicopter helmets are more complex than they seem; keep going to learn about all of the helmet parts.

Types of Helmets

We have parts for:

  • Alpha Helmets 
  • Evo Helmets 
  • Gallet Helmets HPH, Phoenix 
  • And parts for similar helmets. 

Helicopter helmet parts from the Alpha series are made in America and represent high-quality craftsmanship. We carry microphone cords and Eagle memory foam comfort liners for your convenience when purchasing our full line of accessories. These include Boxell ear seals that provide noise isolation as well. Helicopter Helmet offers you all these fantastic options at competitive prices. Contact us today about what is best suited to meet your needs. 

Evolution helmets have been the standard for what a flight helmet should be. Helicopter Helmets have everything you need to customize your EVO-052, -152, or -252. Whether it's an ANVIS NVG screwed support carbon visor cover, main cord U174, or a general aviation straight cord with a volume hush kit, combo ear cups, and foam inserts; we have it.  

Gallet Helmets are specifically designed for aviation pilots. Helicopter Helmet offers a complete line of helmet parts for MSA Gallet helmets, as well as repairs if you're looking to have your own repaired. We have multiple colors for the Gallet helmets and are sure we carry everything you need. 

Phoenix is a civilian helicopter helmet independently tested by the United States Army Aeromedical Research Lab. Here at Helicopter Helmets, we carry the microphone wind covers, chafing pads, glue-less edge beading, cross straps, ear seals, and more for this helmet. Whatever the part may be, Helicopter Helmets has it.