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Viking RescYou™  6 Man Coastal / ISO II / Life Raft
RescYou 6 Man Coastal

Viking RescYou™ 6 Man Coastal / ISO II / Life Raft

Part Number: HHC-958
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Viking RescYou™ Coastal liferaft

The smart solution for coastal sailing.

VIKING quality in a liferaft that exceeds the ISO 9650-2 standard. An ISO 9650-2 coastal emergency pack is included, containing equipment covering all basic needs for coastal cruising and sailing near rescue points.

* VIKING RescYou™ liferafts have a recommended 3 year service interval unless otherwise specified by local regulations.

The VIKING RescYou Coastal liferaft is designed for coastal sailing near rescue points. Features include:

  • ISO 9650-2 certified
  • Lightweight
  • Boarding ramp for easy access
  • Made from a special natural rubber fabric.
  • Two individual buoyancy chambers each having sufficient buoyancy to carry the weight of the number of persons which the liferaft is designed to accommodate.
  • Highly visible fluorescent yellow canopy
  • Automatically inflating canopy
  • Ballast system with 4 bags containing each 60 litres/16 gallons per bag
  • Two storage pockets
  • Two openings for ventilation and visibility
  • Stored in a compact high gloss fibre glass container or handy water resistant valise
  • Delivered with standard coastal emergency pack covering basic needs for coastal sailing

See datasheet for the liferaft here

See the VIKING RescYou™ range brochure

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