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Compact Signal Laser (Red)
Compact 20 mile Red Laser

Compact Signal Laser (Red)

Part Number: HHC-110
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Rescue Laser Light - RLL013-01

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Rescue Laser Light

The RLL012-01 Rescue Laser Light from Aviation Laser is the perfect solution for ensuring you are visible during an emergency. This compact, hand-held device emits a bright red laser light to signal your presence and make sure you can be rescued anytime, day or night. Its waterproof design and rugged construction make it ready no matter what scenario you find yourself in. This model is incredibly lightweight, so it won't weigh down your pack or take up excess space.

Unlike traditional pyrotechnic flares that can be dangerous and hard to keep on hand, the Aviation Laser Rescue Laser Light is non-flammable and environmentally safe. Best of all, thanks to the long-life battery included with the purchase, your device will stay powered on for 40 hours with no interruption. Don't get stuck in an emergency without this essential piece of equipment - pick up your Aviation Laser Rescue Laser Light today!

The Aviation Laser Rescue Laser Light is designed to be seen from the ground or the air, making it an essential tool for any pilot or aviation enthusiast. The bright laser light is visible up to 30 miles away and will attract attention day or night - guaranteeing that help can reach you when you need it most. So don't wait any longer - the Aviation Laser Rescue Laser Light is the perfect addition to your emergency preparedness kit. Get yours today and be secure in the knowledge that you're always one step ahead!

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