Finding Proper Tactical Gear

Getting the right kind of tactical gear can be a challenge for anyone in need of military-grade equipment. For starters, it needs to be something that meets current standards. While we wish everyone providing this kind of gear was up to current regulations, many resellers are looking to sell to anyone willing to buy and not choosing to consider the numerous regulations and safety requirements of this kind of gear.

At Helicopter Helmet LLC, we do not sell anything that is below current standards. Our standards make us a trustworthy source for finding tactical gear that is right for every wearer. 

Choosing A Tactical Gear Supplier

Our customers come back to us because they know we provide quality in our tactical gear that can't be found elsewhere. Everything sold through us comes with a stamp of approval that it has been tested and approved. 

If we sold poor quality items, that would hurt our reputation, and anyone that works in this space knows that reputation is everything. Tactical gear needs to be supplied by someone trustworthy, reliable, but also convenient. That's what we provide.

Tactical Clothing

In need of essential tactical clothing? We offer a full assortment from shirts to belts. These items are not only comfortable but can be worn when out of uniform. They're also durable and can survive excursions into the woods or long periods without changing.

Flight Suits

As part of our tactical equipment, we offer high-quality flight suits. These suits can be customized to fit any wearer's needs, and we are happy to provide any services that are needed to make sure the suit is in top condition upon arrival.

Survival Gear

Tactical gear is in many ways synonymous with survival gear. The kind of equipment that falls under these classifications, such as first aid kits, can be used for survival and an extended mission. 

Everyone wants all missions to be a success, but not every situation can be predicted. Helicopter Helmets like to be the kind of supplier where someone can find gear for anything, including survival. This way, when a disaster on a mission does occur, you are prepared and ready for it. 

Included with our survival gear is a pelican case with:

  • Flashlight
  • Cases
  • Lighting Kits
  • Water Rescue Kits
  • MRE's
  • First Aid Kits

While we would prefer these items never be needed, it can never help to be ready for an emergency. Whether it's due to a crash landing, separation from a unit, or simple training, our survival gear is necessary for anyone's arrangement of tactical equipment.


There is a large selection of PASGT Helmets from Armour Source here at Helicopter Helmets. We also carry accessories for these helmets. Anyone who comes into our store can find harnesses, retention systems, suspension systems, and more. The MICH helmet is considered one of the best ballistic helmet innovations in addition to ballistic combat helmets. The helmet pad configuration is designed for improved security, stability, and comfort during impact. 

Utilize us to get a helmet that is perfectly sized and meets all regulations. If there are ever any challenges with this, then our team of experts will assist in any way they can!

Other Military and Law Enforcement Equipment

Besides the products previously mentioned, we also carry plate carriers, ballistic vests, and a full range of rescue harnesses, personal restraints, landing zone kits, and personal pilot equipment.

Trust Us With Your Tactical Needs

If you're looking for tactical gear, look no further than Helicopter Helmet, LLC. We offer quality products that will help anyone. We know that tactical gear can be expensive, and we want to provide our customers with a quality solution for their various equipment needs. 

If you are interested in any of our tactical gear, we would love to hear from you. We are available over the phone at 321-821-4724 or via email. No matter what operation you're preparing for, we would love to supply you with the quality products needed to make your mission smoother.