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Magnum Signal Laser (Red)
Magnum Red rescue laser

Magnum Signal Laser (Red)

Part Number: HHC-111
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Greatland Rescue Laser Light - Magnum (RLFAA024-01)

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Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum

Introducing the Magnum Signal Laser (Red)! Nothing is more reassuring when you're out on the open water than having the right tools to signal for help if needed. That's why we designed the Magnum Signal Laser from Rescue Laser Flare®. This device provides an easy and effective way to help you call for assistance, no matter where or when you are in need.

Waterproof and rugged in design, this specialized hand-held device offers reliable performance day and night. Whether you're a recreational boater or a professional mariner, the MAGNUM is your go-to for signaling for help – quickly and confidently! Its powerful laser dot shoots up to 2nm from your position, far enough to be seen at great distances with pinpoint accuracy. Trust us – this makes finding your way home much more accessible in times of distress!

The MAGNUM also doubles as a flashlight; its bright LED provides light that can be used while fishing or navigating tight spaces. With its bright red hue, our most popular model among mariners stands out wherever it goes!

Unlike pyrotechnic flares, the Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum is non-flammable, environmentally safe, and can operate continuously for 72 hours on two easily replaceable AA batteries. Two standard alkaline batteries are included. Lithium AA batteries can be substituted within this laser in sub-zero conditions.

What are you waiting for? Get the MAGNUM Signal Laser (Red) today – so you can rest assured knowing you're always prepared!

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