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Green Signal Laser (Green) 30 Mile version
Green Laser Flare

Green Signal Laser (Green) 30 Mile version

Part Number: HHC-112
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Green Rescue Laser Flare - GLF032-01

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Green Rescue Laser Flare®

The GLF032-01 Green Rescue Laser Flare® is a reliable and effective emergency laser signaling device that can be used both day and night. It is waterproof, thus allowing it to handle any unexpected outdoor situation. This robust design incorporates the convenience of a flashlight with the safety of a laser signal device. The bright green light emitted from this model makes it the most visible of all three models, preferred by Search and Rescue (SAR) units. Its 30-mile range further enhances its capability as a rescue beacon, giving off a signal loud and clear enough to be picked up over lengthy distances.
Unlike pyrotechnic flares, the Green Rescue Laser Flare® is non-flammable, environmentally safe, and can operate continuously for 5 hours on a single long-life replaceable lithium battery. Battery included.

This model also comes with a built-in belt clip and lanyard, allowing you to securely attach it to your clothing or gear. The highly visible green light makes it easy to identify if dropped in water, snow, or on the ground.
It is small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough for outdoor use. With its long-lasting construction, waterproof rating, and shockproof design, it is perfect for any situation. Whether you are boating, camping, or hunting, the Green Rescue Laser Flare® will be your reliable emergency kit companion.

You don't need to worry about running out of flares if you have a Green Rescue Laser Flare® with you.

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