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R6 Range BrightLine Bag

R6 • Range

Part Number: HHC-1996
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The R6 • Range Bag consists of a CS4, which holds your ear protection, your eye protection, your ammo and other gear, together with a CS2, which has room for a single layer of hand guns on a removable FLEX Array Base Plate (not included). Of course, you'll have a Pocket Cap Front with lots of small pockets to organize all the small stuff that seems to take over any bag. And you'll have a Flat Cap Rear to give you a place for some small targets and other flat stuff. The R6 • Range also includes two side pockets: a Side Pocket Charlie and a Side Pocket Echo. It also includes a Main Handle and a Shoulder Strap. And if the bag gets heavy you can always make use of the Folding Cart (sold separately). The R6 Range includes a MAIN HANDLE, and a SHOULDER STRAP. There is a separate pocket on the top of the CS4 specifically designed for the eye protection. This bag configuration will make a nice small setup that will allow you to carry the essentials, including one or two handguns. It's easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to store. You'll want to make your own decisions about utilizing your choice of the FLEX Holster, or the Pistol Wraps (purchased separately), or both, (be sure to include the FLEX Array Base Plate). You may also be able to incorporate some of the FLEX Array pouches. Examples are shown the Gallery. In addition, if you already have your own favorite hand gun or magazine control accessories that are Velcro-based, you'll be able to attach those right to the FLEX Array Base Plate and store that gear right inside the CS2.


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