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Switlik EV-35 Aviator Life Vest
EV35 Passenger vest

Switlik EV-35 Aviator Life Vest

Part Number: HHC-620
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P/N :: S-9450-11, Model: EV-35

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Thin. Light. Simple.

The new Switlik Aviator Life Vest is supremely more comfortable to wear, and specifically designed for the seated position in your aircraft. It's the vest you'll forget you're wearing.

Above: A low profile design
The new interior cell folding technique combined with our open V-Neck design allows the Aviator to lay over your shoulders relieving the pressure on your neck during those long flights.

Single simple activation

We have located our new beaded handle in the center of the vest allowing for an easier approach for deployment.  The breakaway safety feature eliminates the risk of snagging. The red handle also offers the best visibility in low light conditions.

The New Zipper Closure:

The Switlik Zipper closure keeps your inflatable vest secure at all times. The simple reliable dual breakaway design provides immediate inflation when activated. Backup oral inflation tubes are conveniently located on either side of the vest and easily reached through the side access flaps.

  • Dual opening, zipper closure design
  • Designed to transfer the load away from your neck
  • Single chamber design w/ a floating film for built in inflatable chamber redundancy
  • Oral inflation capabilities on both sides of the chamber
  • Built in locator light
  • Replaceable life preserver and/or cover option


1 lbs 5 oz (595.3g)
Over 35 lbs
Inflation System:
1 33g CO2 cylinder
Cover Fabric:
Crusader® 790/60% Nomex/40% Kevlar®
1-1/2in webbing conforms to MIL-W-17337

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