The Foam Dome 

A flight helmet is often referred to as a "bone dome" or "foam dome", helicopter helmets are special helmets primarily worn by military aircrews. Helicopter helmets provide impact protection to reduce the overall risk of head injuries as well as come equipped with a visor to shield the eyes from sunlight, flashes, or laser beams. While flight helmets are in the design process factors that are often presented during the conversation about practical use include comfort, which includes the center of gravity as well as the provisions for proper cooling and ventilation. They also ensure these helmets have compatibility with oxygen masks for high-altitude flights. 

The History Of Helicopter Helmets & Flight Helmets

In the early days of aviation leather helmets that were used in motor racing was adopted by pilots as a form of head protection. It was during World War 1 that British engineers added earphones as well as a throat microphone to make a "hands-free" way for pilots to communicate. The group's very first project though was a handheld telephone and over a rigorous 3-year process of constant experimenting, they had successfully created a hands-free microphone for the phone that was built inside of the helmet to make a more user-friendly experience for pilots. The early design for leather flying helmets was adapted during the 1930s and it was known as the Iconic type B helmet which had the ability to attach radio earphones, oxygen masks, and removable goggles to protect piolets from the outside elements. There was also a rectangular horizontal panel that went across the forehead and It was included leather padding with over housings for ears. 

By World War 2, they developed better oxygen masks due to people flying higher and being subjected to thinner air regularly. After World War 2 the leather headpiece was replaced with a harder helmet. As well as goggles were replaced by a more functional visor that was incorporated into the helmet as well as tinted to protect against the sun and other lighting. Moving into current day headgear they usually include communications equipment that lets pilots communicate with ground operations as well as their crew. Now as we move further and further into the future and as our technology advances, flight helmets are continuously looking for ways to advance. 

Our Flight Helmets

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