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Alpha Eagle Helmet Repair Worksheet

Alpha Eagle Helmet Repair Worksheet

Part Number:HHC-1051
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Alpha Eagle Repair Worksheet. 
Please check the boxes below to create an estimate for your Alpha Eagle Helmet repair. 

Helicopter Helmet, LLC has a complete repair facility and we stock every part for the Alpha Eagle Helmet. Our technicians have been factory trained by Interactive Safety Products and have 15 years of experience repairing helicopter helmets.


HHC Is no longer associated with the Alpha Helmet Factory, due to the change of ownership Alpha to Gentex.  We will continue to repair and service the helmet, but we will no longer offer warranty service or warranty repairs.

Choose Options and Quantity

1. Helmet Model
Alpha 901 Dual Visor
Alpha 903 Single Visor
2. Repaint Helmet
3. Replace Inner Visor Lense
Replace Inner Clear Lense [+$129.90]
Replace Inner Amber Lense [+$149.00]
4. Replace Outer Visor Lense
Replace Outer Tinted Lense [+$129.90]
5. Replace Inner Padding
Alpha Hygiene Kit - (Includes all padding in this section) [+$139.62]
Head Lining Kit -(Blue Pad) [+$69.00]
Replace Earseals [+$35.00]
Replace Nape Padding [+$25.00]
6. Replace Main Comm Cord
Replace Comm Cord - Coiled [+$130.00]
Replace Comm Cord - Straight [+$130.00]
Replace Comm Cord W/Volume Control - Coiled [+$180.00]
Replace Comm Cord W/Volume Control - Straight [+$180.00]
7. Replace Microphone & Boom Assembly
Replace Civilian Microphone - Acousticom [+$85.00]
Replace Civilian Microphone - David Clark [+$89.00]
Replace Military Microphone [+$59.00]
Replace Flex Boom [+$60.00]
Replace Wire Boom [+$22.00]
Replace Round Mount [+$15.00]
Replace Microphone Cable [+$17.00]
8. Replace Visor Cover
Replace NVG Carbon Fiber Visor Cover [+$336.00]
Replace Non-NVG Carbon Fiber Visor Cover [+$256.00]
Add Paint Match [+$50.00]
Replace Velveteen Visor Cover [+$45.00]
9. Replace Visor Mechanism
Replace Visor Mechanism - Single [+$245.00]
Replace Visor Mechanism - Dual [+$275.00]
10. Replace Chinstrap Sleeve & Assembly
Replace Chinstrap Sleeve [+$7.50]
Replace Chinstrap Assembly [+$142.50]
11. Replace Ear Capsule Webbing
Replace Ear Capsule Webbing (One Pair) [+$58.00]
12. Maxillo FaceShield
Maxillo Faceshield Kit [+$425.00]
Replace O2 Recievers [+$155.00]
13. Replace HALPS Covers
Replace HALPS Covers [+$30.00]
14. Boxell Memory Foam
Alpha Eagle Comfort Liner [+$89.00]
Alpha Eagle Comfort Earseals [+$85.00]
Alpha Eagle Comfort Nape Pad [+$34.00]
15. Additional Options
Install CEP Kit [+$185.00]
Install CME Kit [+$375.00]
Install Dual Impedance Selector [+$250.00]
Install ANR - Battery Power [+$450.00]
Install ANR - Aircraft Power [+$450.00]
Replace EarCup Straps [+$6.00]
Replace Nape Pad Carrier [+$45.00]
16. Replace Impact Liner
Replace Impact Liner [+$130.00]

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