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DUAL VISOR LENSES - Dual Lenses Inner Clear
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DUAL VISOR LENSES - Dual Lenses Inner Clear

Part Number: HHC-1716
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Made for the HPH, Pheonix and Gentex Helmets that use a Dual Visor Assembly

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HHC-HPH, and Similar helmets made by Gentex, Phoenix, EVO, HHC and Government sales that utilize a Dual Visor assembly.  This is a replacement lens that fits in the inside track of the Helmet.  Comes with an improved Release Catch and Serrated thumb grip.  Lens meets MIL-V-23511

Replacement outer lenses for dual visor system. does not include visor lock knob assembly. Only one visor lock knob assembly is used to actuate the lens. The visor lock knob assembly can be positioned in either slot for your preference.

Replacement inner lenses for dual visor system, includes inner lens actuator attached to lens. The inner lens actuator can be repositioned by you to the other side of the lens for your preference.

The dark lens is used for normal daytime lighting.

The clear lens is used for low daytime light or night time conditions.

The amber lens is for seeing in harsh light conditions such as haze or reflected snow.

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