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Finger Light FL- 12 Bright NVIS Green A
FL- 12 Bright Green NVIS A

Finger Light FL- 12 Bright NVIS Green A

Part Number: HHC-1002
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Are you trying to pick the best finger light for you? Although the process can be difficult, here at Aviation Survival we believe the answer is pretty cut and dry. We recommend the FL-12 Bright NVIS Green A from Seitz Scientific Industries! We can guarantee that this finger light absolutely provides the best color of green light to use with NVGs and is brighter than the FL-5. This finger light is compatible with all night vision goggles and devices, so you don’t need to pitch your perfectly working ones. This light also protects dark adaptation. Note that this device uses 2ea. A76 alkaline batteries which are included, or for extreme climates use 1ea. DL1/3N Lithium battery. This finger light is a Generation III product and can be worn on any finger of either hand using stretch Velcro. It also comes with a Push ON - Push OFF switch.

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