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Helmet Repair Work Sheet - SPH, HPH and Similar Models
Repair Work Sheet - sound protective helmet

Helmet Repair Work Sheet - SPH, HPH and Similar Models

Part Number:HHC-1538
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Work sheet for repair.  Please Check the boxes for an estimate of the repair your helmet requires and use this as a guide to what your cost would be.  Select Options for the repair List, then Repair form to send in your helmet.

Helicopter Helmet.Com has a complete repair facility and we stock parts for a first class repair and or rebuild of your sound protective helmet such as HPH / Phoenix / Government Sales and similar helmet versions.

Helicopter Helmet.Com offers Helmet Shell replacement with a lightweight Kevlar/Fiberglass Shell tested to MIL-H-43925D that is not prone to cracking with everyday donning of your helmet.  All shells have a 5 year warranty for non impact structure cracks.


Choose Options and Quantity

Helmet Model
Repair Type?
Complete Refurbishment [+$125.00]
Repair Only [+$50.00]
Repaint Helmet
Replace Outer Lenses
Grey [+$70.00]
Clear [+$70.00]
Yellow [+$75.00]
Gold [+$99.00]
Chrome [+$99.00]
Replace Inner Lenses
Grey [+$90.00]
Clear [+$90.00]
Yellow [+$99.00]
Replace Edge Beading
Replace Chaffing Pads
Yes [+$20.00]
Replace Ear Cups
Yes [+$85.00]
Replace Main Comm Cord
Main Cord - Coiled, No Volume [+$110.00]
Main Cord, Coiled - With Volume [+$160.00]
"EVO" Quick Disconnect System / Includes Coiled Cord [+$225.00]
Replace Microphone
Electret - Acousticom [+$85.00]
Electret - David Clark [+$110.00]
Dynamic - M-87 / 5 OHM [+$57.00]
Dynamic - M-87 / 150 OHM [+$57.00]
Replace Mic Boom
Metal Rail Boom [+$22.00]
1/2 Flex Rail [+$65.00]
Replace Mic Cover
Standard Mic Cover [+$7.00]
OA High Wind Cover [+$14.00]
Replace Visor Cover
Carbon Fiber - NVG [+$130.00]
Carbon Fiber - NVG with Anvis QR Plate [+$180.00]
Replace Helmet Comfort Liner
Boxell - 1/4 Liner [+$85.00]
Boxell - 3/8 Liner [+$85.00]
Boxell - 1/2 Liner [+$85.00]
Boxell - 5/8 Liner [+$85.00]
Replace Styro Liner
Yes [+$40.00]
Install CEP/CME interface [+$85.00]
Include CME - Complete Kit [+$399.00]
Include CEP - Complete Kit [+$199.00]
Add BOSE A20 no-BT [+$1,399.00]
Add BOSE A20 with BT [+$1,499.00]
Replace Screws with New?
Yes [+$40.00]
Additional Options
Install Battery Pack Holder [+$25.00]
Comfort Ear Cup Covers by OA [+$15.00]
Install Dual Impedance System [+$399.00]
Replace Helmet Shell, Includes Paint [+$450.00]

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