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ACR 2854 GlobalFix V6 Cat I EPIRB, PN: 2853

Part Number: HHC-1798
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EPIRB with Self-Test, LED Strobe Light and 10 Year User-Replaceable Battery

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The 2853 GlobalFIX V6 Cat. I from ACR is an emergency distress device that will pinpoint your location in even the worst conditions for a rescue if necessary.

ACR has made the 2853 GlobalFIX V6 Category I, to have a battery life of up to 10 years up from 5 years in previous models. With this increase in battery life ACR has also made it much easier to change the battery in the 2853 GlobalFIX V4 Cat. 1 as you now can do it yourself, rather than send or take your old EPIRB to an authorized battery replacement center.

The 2853 GlobalFIX V6 Category I EPIRB has an increased sensitivity GPS which is now 66 channels and will acquire satellites to establish your location even faster and with more accuracy and then relay that information via the 406 MHz distress signal as well as the EPIRB’s 121.5 MHz homing beacon.  The 2853 GlobalFIX V6 Cat. I, has a high visibility LED strobe that is energy efficient and can be self-tested up to 120 times. Don’t worry about accidentally activating the 2853 GlobalFIX V6 Cat.  ACR has added a protective slider covering the activation tab plus there is even a self-test counter to keep track for you.

The 2853 GlobalFIX V6 meets all safety specifications as mandated, including hydrostatic release so if you are looking for an EPIRB and don’t mind spending a little more this one would be a great option.

The built-in bright LED strobe light consumes less energy than a traditional strobe without sacrificing intensity and most importantly, the Pro 406 EPIRB will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours at -20C degrees.

Please note all EPIRB's and PLB's are programmed for registration in the USA. If you are registering the device outside of the USA reprogramming will be required.

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