The EVO or Evolution helmet line is a new design and not a copy of the MSA Gallet.  The concept for the helmet was the work and suggestions between three companies, Hammer Head Aviation in California, Helicopter Helmet, LLC and United Designs from Italy.

When you look at todays helmets, and compare them side by side, the first thing that jumps out at you is the quality of the components.  All helmets shared one thing, they were made as inexpensive as possible, but sold for as much as the market would bare.  The EVO was designed with a different approach, make the helmet with the best possible materials and charge a fair price to reflect the actual costs in manufacture, not what you could get away with.

When you compare the EVO, you will notice a lot of innovations that are not found in any other helmet including the MSA Gallet.  While the EVO and the MSA Gallet share a lot of similarities, it was only designed this way so that parts could be interchangeable with the more expensive imported parts from MSA Gallet.

The MSA Gallet is made in France, the EVO is made in the USA.  The price difference is in the Exchange Rate that the helmet is purchased with.  If you took the cost of the MSA Gallet and used the Dollar to Euro Exchange rate, the EVO would cost more.  Since it is made in the USA, it is sold under the US Dollar, and hence is about $500.00 less while giving you more standard features.


The EVO has a shell thickness of 3.01 MM and is made of KEVLAR.  the MSA Gallet is 1.56 MM thick.  The difference in the thickness is a stronger shell, less flex cracks and better attenuation.  The first this that all EVO owners notice is that the EVO is much quieter than any other helmet.

The EVO is also wider than the MSA Gallet.  the EVO is 1/2 inch wider and offers a deeper ear cup well which allows the installation of Hard Ear cups for ANR.  The EVO is the only helmet where you can install a BOSE A20 and still have room for adjustment without bottoming out against the shell wall.  This 1/2 inch additional clearance also makes it more comfortable for pilots with larger heads or jaw lines.


The EVO comes with an innovative communication plate that has a built in trapezoid to hang the batttery pack that is used with ANVIS night vision goggles.  The Comm Plate also comes with three different configurations for the main cord.  The original concept was for a 5 pin connector that plugged directly into the helmet for quick release of the main cord.  Other configurations come with a 14 inch pig tail or bail out connector and the third option, a standard cord that is not detachable.

The advantage of the quick release or 5 pin system is that you can switch between different cords which you can change yourself allowing you to switch between aircraft types, change the impedance from high to low or low to high, change between coiled or straight, or simply replace a damaged cord without having to send the helmet in for repair.  Many helmet repairs are due to damaged or worn out main cords.  With the EVO it is just a push of a button and the cord is changed out just that fast.  There are 15 different cords available for the EVO and more are being designed everyday.  Whether you fly a Puma with a UK Nato Cord or an Agusta with a Fisher Plug, EVO has a cord for you and all cords are interchangeable without the need for an adapter.