Helicopter Helmet LLC is a 4000 square foot facility located just outside of Charleston SC.  We specialize in High End Pilot Gear with Brands such as Mustang Survival, Aerial Machine and Tool, Switlik, David Clark, Bose and many other brands.  We started off repairing and refurbishing Helmets and later selling new helmets.

Since the beginning, Helicopter Helmet, LLC has been a stone in every helmet suppliers shoes and the attacks on the company have been relentless, but first look at the difference.  Ron Abbott is a helicopter pilot with over 20,000 hrs.  Out of all the helmet suppliers they are the only shop that can tell you what you need just based on the aircraft your flying.  If Helicopter Helmet was not in Business, the cost of helmets would be much higher than they are today.

Ron has flown a long list of air crafts between them and in several locations and countries in the 30 years of flying experience between them and understand the importance of properly working helmets and ALSE gear.  So as you go thru this Guide, HHC and the staff are doing an honest comparison of what you see and what you hear when you go to buy a helmet.  Be careful, because the Helicopter Helmet world has become a Back Stabbing, Ruthless ordeal,  Represented by many dishonest people and by big name companies wanting to control this business.  Some companies right out lie about their helmets or components and make a lot of claims that are just not true.  If someone claims that parts or helmets are MIL-SPEC or TSO, please make sure to request verification and/or testing results to confirm those statements.

EVO 052/152/252
Detailed background on the concept, testing, design, Pros and Cons and its distributors.

MSA GALLET LH-050/LH-250/LA-100
Detailed comparison of the MSA Gallet, Pros and Cons and the EVO 052/152/252. 

ALPHA EAGLE and Variants 200/400

Comparison of the Alpha Eagle 900, the Alpha 400 and Alpha 200.  Pros and Cons.