Pilot helmet repair, especially that of a helicopter pilot, is a process that requires the utmost degree of skill and delicate care. You could wind up with a faulty gear that malfunctions mid-flight, putting you and every passenger at risk. That's why you shouldn't leave pilot helmet repair to novices or amateurs but to first-class helicopter helmet technicians. To ensure optimal performance and safety, your helicopter helmet must be sufficiently maintained. 

 There are various ways to maintain a helicopter helmet, and many choices depend on the type of maintenance you want for any particular component or attachment. Some of the standard services that you may need for your helicopter helmet include:

  • The cleaning and inspection of the exterior and interior of your helmet for any damages or wear
  • The servicing of your visor, including replacing scratched or damaged lenses, cleaning and polishing the mirror finish, and repairing any tears or rips
  • The replacement of your microphone, ear cups, chin strap, or other parts if they have been damaged or worn over time
  • The tightening of screws and bolts as needed in order to keep everything properly in place
  • And plenty of others depending on the unique need of your helmet.
  • In this blog, we will elaborate in further detail on some of the pilot helmet repairs or replacements mentioned above.

    Outer Lens Replacement

     The outer lens is an essential component of your helmet, making this one of the most crucial repairs that can be made. The windshield of your helmet protects your eyes from flying debris and bright sunlight while you're in flight. That flying debris can cause enough damage to the outer lens to warrant a total replacement.

    Inner Lens Replacement

     The inner lens is just as necessary as the outer lens because they both play the same crucial role in protecting your eyes during flight. However, inner lens replacement is typically only necessary if the outer lenses become cracked, scratched, or damaged beyond repair.

    Visor Replacement

     Finally, if both the inner and outer lenses need replacement, it's probably a good sign that you might as well replace the whole visor to ensure optimal functionality.

    Nape Pad Replacement

     The nape pad is responsible for ensuring that your helmet fits correctly, comfortably, and securely. An ill-fitting helmet is not only an uncomfortable annoyance but can also seriously impede your ability to fly. The last thing any good pilot wants to do is put their lives and those of the passengers at risk over a nape pad malfunction. That's why it's best to replace it if a problem arises.

    Ear Cup Replacement

     The ear cups on your helmet play a critical role in both comfort and safety. Not only do they help to keep the noise of the helicopter's blades and engine out, but they also protect your hearing from long-term damage. If you notice any cracks or other damage to your ear cups, it's crucial to replace them as soon as possible.

    Service Your Helmet Regularly!

     It's important to have your helicopter helmet regularly serviced, even if you don't think anything is wrong with it. Catching minor issues early on is essential to preventing more significant problems further down the line. You can also prolong the lifespan of your helmet and its components by properly storing and handling it. 

     However, regardless of proper personal upkeep, the materials and components of the helmet will eventually degrade over time. By having a professional inspect and service your helmet on a regular basis, you can be sure that it will continue to protect and serve you in the event of an accident and on your everyday flights.

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